Work Nest is South Carolina's only baby-friendly shared work space, catering specifically to remote professionals, adult students, creatives and entrepreneurs with children 

With childcare starting at $5 per hour, Work Nest offers the ultimate work-life balance without breaking the bank 

I currently work part time from home, going to grad school part time as well as starting this blog and dress business. I consistently tell my husband who works very long hours I just need a few hours a week to catch up. Now I can.
— Ashley @thelowcountrymommy



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Working from home can be difficult with small children. Paying for a nanny can be even more stressful with the rising costs. Daycare isn't as flexible leaving you to pay full-time rates when you only need a part-time option. Working at a coffee shop with children is impossible. Work Nest's concept is similar to childcare at a gym. Instead of working out, our members get sh*t done. 

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Work Nest offers meeting space perfect for your next event. Looking for an intimate environment which could accommodate your guests with children? Work Nest would love to host your next workshop, class or meeting at our Summerville location offering an onsite play area. Free on-premise parking and exclusive catering discount with Ye Ol' Fashion.

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