Coworking space with childcare offers better work-life balance

Technology has become a blessing and a curse for many employees. Cell phones mean that employees always can take a call. Text messaging also assumes instantaneous communication. Emails can be checked in or out of the office. Managers with more traditional beliefs may favor employees who are able to work around the clock when considering pay increases or promotions. 

This new workplace eats into the personal lives of employees. They are expected to attend meetings after hours and to respond to emails around the clock.

While a company's policy may encourage employees to step away, it may also have an underlying cultural issue which say otherwise. A new mom returning to work with a newborn truly feels the weight of this new expectation. Forget about Zumba classes, play dates, family dinner or other ways of re-calibrating. It should come as no surprise that employees today are struggling to balance work and personal responsibilities.

Many new moms feel that they have very limited options in a situation like this: accept another role with less responsibility and sacrifice pay/care, growth, succumb to the workforce pressure and suffer through months of mom guilt and emotional distress or leave the workforce all together. 

This is why workplace flexibility is one of the top new HR trends. The benefits of getting it right are real as companies work to retain key talent. In fact, Hay Group's research found that more than one in four employees (27 percent) in organizations that are not perceived to support work-life balance plan to leave their companies within the next two years.

Coworking with childcare is a solution allowing success as a parent and a professional. Through an onsite nanny and an open work space, Work Nest is able to offer its members relief in the following areas:

  • Solace from isolation of working at home 
  • Financial relief with an affordable solution to childcare
  • Confidence in being able to maintain their workloads with minimal distractions
  • Comfort in knowing their small children are nearby and they are able to verify the level of care
  • Community which understands mom guilt or the burden of feeling that she has to do it all
  • Support with tools and resources for being more effective as parents and professionals
  • Pride in knowing that their employer recognizes their needs are different as parents