Veteran. Student. Failure.

I was a veteran but felt like a total failure. 

25 Years Old, making $10/hr, finishing my undergrad degree after separating from USAF.

  I’d traveled the world. Been responsible for millions in property. Promoted early. Received almost every award imaginable. Spearheaded large projects. The first airman to shadow the highest ranking female on the base. Solely responsible for briefing hundreds. Yet, I was only making $10 an hour.   

Lost was an understatement. 

How was it that I was told that I was capable of so much in the service and yet hit a wall every chance I tried as a civilian? I knew that my manager At that time didn’t even know what to do with me. 

When I asked about a potential promotion, her exact words to me were “I don’t know how to develop you”. 



But She had no clue how to develop a transitioning veteran and I had no clue how to help her. 

Despite many changes within the service, military members are still struggling to translate their successes into viable civilian career paths. A large part of the problem is also with the service member. We are not always sure how to leverage our strengths, network or even understand proper interview etiquette.

If you know a transitioning veteran in need of professional development or coaching, please tag them below. Share this post to show your support of our troops being just as successful on the outside as they are in the service.